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The Death of Mayhem

The Death of Mayhem
As you know, the grand Mayhem is no longer the same since the departure of Euronymous and Dead. Yes, that would be critical of a fanatic fan!
Lows in Mayhem current as weak compositions, lack of personality of some members like Hellhammer, spoils the image of the horde.
Mainly Hellhammer, the great mercenary, he does not understand the movement, even accounting for the drumsticks Mayhem 
The Mayhem is the main band Inner Circle.
So, as a member of it betray the movement?
  Yes, Hellhammer betrayed!
Just spat in the entire history of Mayhem and played with the little lambs of Antestor.
 Hellhammer said that black metal was just music, and still support the Unblack Metal.
With members, it would be impossible to recognize the Mayhem.

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