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É com muito pesar que venho anunciar a morte do baixista e cofundador da Gulag, meu bom e velho amigo Azel . O destino do projeto é incerto agora. O Azel sofreu uma overdose nessa madrugada causada pelo uso excessivo de um medicamento chamado Prozac, o qual era usado no tratamento da sua depressão"Descanse em paz velho amigo. Espero que o saudosismo não consuma nossos ideais." Mael Häxan

It is with great regret that I announce the death of bassist and co-founder of the Gulag, my good old friend Azel. The fate of the project is now uncertain. The Azel overdosed this morning caused by excessive use of a drug called Prozac, which was used in the treatment of your depression"Rest in peace old friend. Hopefully the nostalgia does not consume our ideals." Mael Haxan

sábado, 14 de setembro de 2013

(Entrevista) Gulag

Entrevista com Mael do Gulag

How to start?
Well .. Azel Oliver (Bass) had suggested me to start a project of DSBM after hearing Ström (my other band).I've had some experience composing tracks in this style.so I accepted the proposal. 
Nothing specialideas that are connected to the Gulag?
The first point is the originality of the Gulag. We were tired of hearing always the same lyrics and the same ideologies. I just rephrased the harmonies in the style, and completely change the theme of music. The letters used in DSBM is surperficial in relation tounderstanding of melancholy feeling. I just started to analyze it in the philosophical point of Existential Rationale. Who like enough of philosophywill realize significant influence of the works of Sartre and Max Stirner.
What you think about the scene?
Fuck scene. I think this term very sectarian. I believe that the act of defining and establishing genres only prevents the art get new paths. It is extremely limiting. The original proposalof black metal was to be an entrance to new dark paths and to bea counter culture questionating the values of christianity.
Takes you seriously?
I take the project seriously
what is the purpose of the Gulag?
I have two goals with the band. The first is to depress the listener. the second is to create one atmospheric melancholy never heard before. I feel quite satisfied with theatmosphere in Isla (Box). I promise that I will work on my goals.
Thanks Mael



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Arvores devoradas

"São poucas as culturas que sobreviveram ao ataque de dominação do cristianismo, as arvores de cada continente ocidental secaram depois de anos tentando resistir com sua força primitiva e respeitosa da grande massa destrutiva e dominativa denominada de cristianismo.
Todas as folhas ainda não cairão, elas sempre estarão la presas a sua arvore e sua arvore presa a sua raiz"  Void